The Kindness Walk 2020

From September 6, 2020 to October 1, 2020 Flooples will once again be a part of The Kindness Walk. Robert F. Smith (totally blind) will be walking from The Grand Ole Opry to Dollywood in Tennessee (a walk of over 350 miles, over 1 million steps). This walk is to honor our first responders and Veterans by supporting the Gary Sinise Foundation and to raise money for Henry’s Place (a camp for underprivileged children).

Flooples are going to be sponsored to be distributed to our soldiers overseas to enjoy during their R&R time. Our goal is to have 1,000 Flooples games sponsored. If you would like to sponsor a Flooples Toss To Target Game for a soldier (some will also be given to Veterans hospitals), you may make a donation through www.thekindnesswalk.org or click on the “sponsor” button in our store.

If you would like to sponsor The Kindness Walk, sponsorships began at the price of 25 cents per step with a minimum donation of $5.00. Just decide how many steps you wish to purchase at 25 cents per step through www.thekindnesswalk.org

Past Events

The Field of Dreams

June 15, 2019

Robert is returning to the Field of Dreams to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film’s release. He will once again be throwing out the first pitch to one of the original Ghost Players from the movie. A Flooples Toss To Target Baseball Tournament will be held with Flooples games being given away as prizes. Doopalpoops www.doopalpoops.com are going to celebrate with children there as well.

the Kindness Walk 2018

Robert F. Smith walked from Long Beach to Las Vegas (a walk of over 450 miles, over 1,400,000 steps). Robert gave away Flooples games to various Veterans facilities along the way, gave away 500 Doopalpoops www.doopalpoops.com to children and adults that needed a smile, and raised money for a service dog for a nonverbal, autistic boy with diabetes.

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