The Kindness Walk

From October 19, 2018 to November 20, 2018 Flooples are going to be a part of The Kindness Walk. Robert F. Smith (completely blind) will be walking from Long Beach to Las Vegas (a walk of over 400 miles, almost 1 million steps). Flooples are going to be sponsored to be distributed to over 1,000 deployed soldiers. If you would like to sponsor a Flooples Toss To Target Game that will be distributed to our deployed soldiers and veteran's hospitals, please make a donation through www.thekindnesswalk.org

If you would like to sponsor The Kindness Walk, sponsorships began at the price of 25 cents. You can help sponsor Robert's footsteps in any amount you choose. Just decide how many steps you wish to purchase at 25 cents per steps through www.thekindnesswalk.org

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